The 41st District Service Office (formally known as the 60th District Service Office) is a 501 (C)(4) nonprofit organization located at: 315 North Burdick Street, Suite 100, Kalamazoo Michigan 49007.  Our office is open from 10AM - 1PM Monday-Thursday.  You can contact Executive Director, Val VanStreain by calling 269.382.4676 or email [email protected]

Our Mission:  To provide residents with a nonpartisan voice, assistance, education, and results in navigating government. 

To accomplish our mission we work closely with our Michigan State Representative Julie M. Rogers and her team in Lansing.  They help us with a wide range of government issues and support our work with their publications that have a wealth of information to help the community.  To learn more about Rep. Rogers team click here 

We couldn't accomplish all that we do without the dedication of our volunteer Board of Directors.  Special thanks to: Brian O'Donnell-Chair, James Callahan-Vice Chair, Jeanne Hess-Treasurer, Martin Glista, Penny Thompson and Robert Hill.  If you would like to serve on our board, please Contact Val VanStreain. 

Please donate.  The DSO operates on donations alone from people in the community.  We don't receive any funding from Lansing to keep our doors open.  Even if a small amount, please consider donating at this link

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